Hi, I am so much impressed by you guys!!! The order was placed on Friday morning, a short day before the holiday weekend. And it arrived today - morning of the Columbus Day!!! You are amazing!!! How did you do it all in just two days?!And I love everything you sent.
Usually when I'm looking to purchase something from a website that I've never used before, I'm a little skeptical and hesitant and I research the site because I have been ripped off before.

I was looking for pashminas and came across Fashion Unic. I'm very pleased with this site. They do not take off any money until the order has been filled, which is great and the quality of the pashminas are GORGEOUS! So soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. The shipping was really fast too, like, two days and they ship through UPS.

Extremely professional and consumer friendly. I literally have no bad things to say about the people that run this business or the business itself.

Thank you so much! :)
THANK YOU! I was very pleased with the quality, speed, and elouqent package I received today. Great company, thanks.
Thanks so much for your quick response to my problem with the Alabama scarves. I appreciate your great customer service and will be placing another order soon.
Thank you so much! I love your company and hope that one day I can do retail again. I had a spa business with a small boutique and used to sell alot of various types of scarves and hats from fashionunic. My customers couldn't believe the low prices I was able to offer and the quality was always great, especially for the price! I'm going to place my order right now! I really appreciate being able to order from you!
Thank you very much for your beautiful and quick order. It helped us a lot on our Mother's Day sale.

Luis Felipe
Thank you - they have arrived. So many beautiful designs to make.

Have a wonderful New Year to you and the FashionUnic team.

Thanks for all the help with this order...I just received my order a few minutes ago, can't wait to open it to see all the beautiful scarves!

Sharron Wilson
love it
I wanted to say Thank you for your fast fast sending of my orders and that i LOVE the scarfs i order from you ..every show i go to i sell out of these!!!! I look forward to a long business relationship with you !! GO-N-SHOW-N-AGAIN
I received my order today and I can't get over how fast it got here. Your company is easy to work with. I will be placing more orders in the future.
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