Kitchen Dish Wash Scrub Cloths. Scratch Free. Melt Blown. Hygienic Disposable Reusable. Bathroom Bathtub Cleaner. 60 Count

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  • ✔ Super Technology : Our dish washing cloths are made by super technology of Melt-Blown Nano Fiber. It makes Web of super fine nano cloths, which features superior absorbant and durability.

    ✔ Reusable & Disposable:You can use 1 piece a day, or 1 piece a week. It depends how often you use the wash cloths. Easy wash with flowing water a few seconds and dry for next use.

    ✔ Multi purpose : Dish, Kitchen, Bathroom… You can use our wash clothes anywhere you need cleaning. Most of dirt or food residue, you don't even need detergents.

    ✔ Secure Safe Material : Polypropylene by LG. No EDC, Lead, Cadmium. ✔ Size : 8.6" x 8" Sheet x 60. MADE IN KOREA



    Superior Quality with Melt Blown Technologes




    Quick & Easy Clean

    Melt Blown Technologes from LG Korea

    Easy Tear Sheet Roll





Kitchen, Bathroom, Car

Easy to clean corners

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