WA00 Clear Mask Fashion Face Eye Cover Removable Sheet Protective Shield

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  • Full-Face Protection: Safety full-face cover-length with a wrap-around design that provides side and front face protection. The shields have 180 degrees of protection and provide complete coverage of the eyes, nose, and mouth to help prevent droplets of saliva, coughs, sneezes, and other foreign substances from reaching your face.
  • Face Shield Glasses: Comfortable, stylish, and sanitary premium protective face shield visor glasses. Made with durable scratch-resistant thick polycarbonate hard plastic. Wear the face shields just like you would when wearing glasses over your ears and on your nose bridge. You can wear eyeglasses, and face masks underneath the shield.
  • Anti-Fogging: Face shields provide super clear visibility and have superior optics that let in the maximum amount of light, while the anti-fogging material resists fog under extended use. Reusable after disinfecting. Some assembly is required.
  • Multi Purpose: Protective face shield glasses are worn in the most common workplace environments. They are used by Hair Salons and Spa Professionals, Restaurant, Food Services, Retailers, Warehouses, Offices, Schools, both Indoors and Outdoors.
  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: Full face protective shilds breathes smoothly, and anti-fog.The one-piece nose bridge design is very comfortable, light weight, and resistant to uplifting nose impact. The attachment allows enough distance between the nose and the face to keep you breathing smoothly.With great technology, This unisex visor provides superior HD visual experiences and maximum visibility.

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