WA00 Electric Indoor Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer Lamp with USB Power Supply and Adapter BLUE

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  • ☞Built-in fan: Powerful built-in DC fan inhales mosquitoes. Lower than 40 Decibel whisper-quiet mode doesn't affect your sleep at all
  • ☞The indoor insect mosquito trap uses All direction light. Attracts fruit flies, mosquitoes. Built-in DC fan will draw insects into the storage box and trap inside until they died
  • ☞No toxic chemical pesticides. Safe harmless. USB interface. For living rooms,kitchens,bedrooms,offices,yoga centers,hospitals,cars,etc
  • ☞How to use: Please put the mosquito killer lamp in the room in advance. Place it on a table or chair at a distance from the ground. Close doors and windows, turn off other lights, and keep the lights overnight. We recommend putting the mosquito killer lamp in your room before going to bed
  • ☞Note: It is recommended that you turn on for 24 hours for the first time. It is best to turn it on for three consecutive days for better results. For mosquitoes, our blood is more attractive than other substances. Closed areas with no one will play the biggest role here